Mamata Banerjee: ‘I’ll die or live but will remove PM Modi from Indian politics’


KOLKATA: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee today pledged to remove Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Indian politics. Banerjee took this pledge while taking part in a protest march against demonetisation in Kolkata. “Today, I am taking the pledge that either I’ll die or live but will remove PM Modi from Indian politics,” Banerjee told her supporters. Attacking PM Modi, Banerjee said, “PM suddenly came up with this decision acting like God. He never asked who needs Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and made the demonetisation move,” she said, adding, “Bazaar, cinema, Jatra (theatre) – everything got affected, but he (PM) didn’t care about the common people.” Addressing supporters in Kolkata today, Mamata threatened she would demonstrate outside Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence against demonetisation. She vowed to dislodge him from the seat of power if the scrapping of high-value currency notes is not withdrawn. “The entire country is suffering. There is no money in banks, ATMS. So far 80 people have died due to the hardships caused by demonetisation. But Narendra Modi is having a sound sleep and giving lectures on taking the country towards the cashless economy,” she said. Banerjee said that most of the people in rural areas do not have bank accounts. “How will they cope up with this situation?” Banerjee participated in the protest march from College Square to Esplanade. Meanwhile, the bandh sponsored by Left front failed to evoke the desired impact in West Bengal today.

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