15 things one should know about BSF Soldiers on ‘Raising Day’


When we are sleeping safe at home, BSF’s men and women are having night outs at the international border. Yes, these are the brave soldiers protecting our motherland. And you know well that our borders are not the easiest places to guard.

1. The BSF was founded in 1965 after the Indo-Pak war exposed insufficiencies of the existing border security system The force was begot as a Unified Central Agency dedicated to protect all International boundaries of India.

2. It is the LARGEST border guarding force in the world It has 186 battalions in total. And there are approximately 2 Lakh, 4 thousand personnel. Most of them keep a tight vigil on hundreds of border posts, day and night!

3. The only Indian paramilitary force with its own Marine & Air wings and Artillery regiments These wrings support the General Duty Battalions in their operations.

4. BSF also has a separate camel and dog wing

5. KF Rustamji from the Indian Police Services was the founding father and first Director General of BSF Under his guidance, this newly-founded security force took little steps that later proved to be giant leaps on the borders of India. And this was when our not-so-friendly neighbors began to fear us!

6. BSF runs a national level dog breeding and training school Known as the “National Training Center for Dogs,” the school trains dogs in infantry patrolling, detection of explosives and also for tracking and tracing.

7. BSF maintains a very unique Tear Smoke Unit (TSU) in Tekanpur Established in 1976, it produces tear gas munitions for anti-riot forces

8. In Rann of Kutch, BSF personnel ride high on unique “All-terrain-Vehicles” These vehicles help them to monitor 4,000 km of inhospitable terrains in Gujarat, covered in creeks and marshy lands.

9. Creek Commando Force, an elite force of BSF, mans this hostile creek area of Gujarat that shared borders with Pakistan They have to undergo rigorous training in swimming, marine diving, firing and above all in enduring the hostilities of the rough creek.

10. BSF played a major role in freeing Bangladesh They helped senior leaders of the Awami League Party to become stronger post their survival of Pakistani massacres. When war broke out on Dec 3rd, 1971, it only took a fortnight for the mass surrender of the Pakistani troops.

11. During Kargil War in 1999, BSF was deployed at the most sensitive areas including Forward Defended Localities The force joined the Army and of course did a commendable job!

12. BSF conducts the Wagah border ceremony on the Indian side

13. In 2003, BSF killed the mastermind of the Indian Parliament attack of 2001 It was Ghazi Baba, Jaish-e-Mohammed’s second-in-command. The force raided his hideout in Srinagar and killed him in the subsequent gun battle.

14. Peace time or war – BSF is always at work Preventing trans-border crimes, promoting a sense of security among border-area residents or responding to enemy movements – BSF is there at work, every single day! They are guides to our Army in these highly sensitive areas near the LOC.

15. BSF is the first law enforcement force to have the biggest women contingents Women hold significant positions including those of combat ranks. We live in a free country with opportunities unbound because there are soldiers protecting our borders 24×7. A zillion thanks to BSF’s brave men and women for making it possible at the cost of their lives! Jai Hind. Article first published on topyaps.

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