Restaurant Manger penalized for over-charging

Srinagar, May 18, (Agencies) : Legal Metrology Department on Thursday registered a challan against a Restaurant Manager for over-charging here in Srinagar city.

    An official from Legal Metrology Department told CNS that a compliant had been received by the department with evidence that a local restaurant has charged him Rs 25 for a packaged drinking water carrying MRP of Rs 20.  “The compliant was genuine and a challan case was registered against the restaurant for over-charging,” he said.

      Under Legal Metrology laws, no dealer or trader can charge more than MRP for a bottle of drinking water or cold drink even in a hotel. Moreover, the manufacturer or importer of Pre-packaged commodities cannot print two different MRP’s on the same product carrying same quantity and meant for same place City or District or State. The printing of dual MRP’s for the same product meant for same place is a serious offence under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. (CNS)

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