Monsoon to arrive in Jammu within a fortnight

JAMMU, JUNE 16: Jammuities woke up to a pleasant morning today as yesterday night was comparatively cool because the mercury level was brought down by thundershowers.
Met experts have predicted rains over the next few days. The day temperature which usually used to stay above the 40 degrees mark now stays near 34-35 degrees Celsius which is further predicted to fall by 7 notches during next week.
Wet roads, drenched trees and moist soil with a few water puddles are a sight for Jammuities. The Jammu is expecting pre-monsoon showers over the next few days. Showers will bring relief from blistering heat. The favourable conditions for rains ahead would help to bring down the mercury.
The officials are yet to say for sure as to when the monsoon will arrive in Delhi but most probably the wait for the Jammuities will be over in less than 15 days.
The recent showers brought relief from the heat wave. It is expected that the minimum and maximum temperatures in the region will remain around 30- 35 degree Celsius for the next 48 hours.


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