Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes A Simple Mistake In The Kitchen

Potatoes are a common staple in all cuisines around the world in general. They are a part of multiple tasty recipes and offer various health benefits. Sometimes they are unhealthy and deadly too. You might wanna throw your potatoes away after reading this !!

#5 Potatoes

#5 Potatoes

Everyone enjoys having french fries or potato chips at whatever they do.

No doubt that potato is one of the most used ingredients in the kitchen world.

You’re sure that’s it? There is still more to it !!

#4 Maria Chelysheva

#4 Maria Chelysheva

In 2014, an 8-year old Russain girl Maria Chelysheva turned into an orphan.

The reason is a batch of potatoes that were left to rot.

They had potatoes stored at the ceiling.

When the head of the family went to get them, something terrible happened that is beyond your imagination !!

#3 Family’s Death

#3 Family's Death

Maria’s father, Mikhail went to bring potatoes and did not return.

Worried mom Anastasia, went to check and met with same fate too.

Maria’s brother Georgy and granny followed the same too.

But granny before entering called out the neighbor for help!!

#2 Glycoalkaloids

#2 Glycoalkaloids

The component from potato that killed everyone is Glycoalkaloid.

Potatoes when left to rot under certain circumstances. Glycoalkaloids are also found in some poisonous nightshade parts.

The increased concentration due to rotting is what that killed Maria’s family

#1 Avoid danger

#1 Avoid danger

This heartbreaking story is brought to your notice to warn you. Share this message and help prevent such incidents. Who knows, you might save someone’s life.

Stay cautious whenever you have potatoes at your home from next time !!!

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