WhatsApp will allow you to ‘unsend’ a message

New Delhi, July 22:

Since the past few months, we have been hearing about the WhatsApp recall feature. It is the ability to just recall or unsend the messages those were actually meant to be sent.

WhatsApp to roll out the recall feature soon

Well, it looks like we are drawing closer towards the roll out of this recall feature on WhatsApp. We say this as the Twitter handle @WABetaInfo that reveals the details regarding the upcoming WhatsApp features has posted a screenshot of the alleged recall feature on the WhatsApp Web version number 0.2.5370.

The source is known for posting information about the upcoming WhatsApp features and improvements before the actual roll out of the same. It was the same source that tipped about the plans of the Facebook-owned company to introduce the recall feature in the future updates. The screenshot that has been posted now showing the same makes us believe that the roll out of the feature should be imminent.

Lately, WhatsApp rolled out several new features to the Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions of its app. The notable ones are the ability to share any file type, the shortcuts to invoke the text formatting options, bundling of photos into albums, etc.

Besides these, WhatsApp is also rumored to roll out a PiP video call feature. The WhatsApp beta app with the version number 2.17.265 is said to bring the picture-in-picture or pop-out video calling feature to the Android users. With this feature, users are believed to take advantage of the platform to do both video calls and text conversations at the same time without interrupting the call.

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