Family of woman ‘set ablaze’ protest as bail given to accused

Srinagar, Aug 11: Relatives of a woman allegedly set ablaze by her in-laws in 2015, held a protest in Srinagar against the bail granted to her husband and in-laws by court.
Mahjabeena, 32, was married to Mohammad Rafiq Sofi, a resident of Kawa Mohalla Khanyar.
The protestors gathered in Press Enclave at Srinagar, carrying the victim’s photographs, and raised slogans demanding justice.
“Her husband was granted bail, despite the fact he along with his sisters and mother killed my cousin. At least, for the sake of her daughters, guilty should have been punished. We are not able to understand why court has given bail,” a relative of the victim said.
Mahjabeena’s mother said that it was shocking for her to hear that Rafiq has been granted bail.
“How do we look at the person who killed my daughter,” she said. She added that Mahjabeena’s property has also not been given to the legal heirs, and no compensation has been provided to Mahjabeena’s daughters.
“By letting the guilty go, we are empowering people to do such heinous crimes. Within the 17 months court has give bail of three accused in which they said one is chronic heart patient with pacemaker implanted to her for survival and the other is a suffering from kidney problem and put to dialysis. He said third accused is an old lady,” said Rubin, sister of the victim.
Another relative said that since the accused are involved in offence under section 498-A and 306,309 RPC which is heinous in nature, “giving the concession of bail at this juncture would give a wrong signal to the society at large and encouragement of wrongdoers.”20728099_1505377369518837_1350531094468525659_n

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