All of a sudden India and Pakistan Army Chief’s talk peace

Srinagar, Apr 16: The Army Chief’s of India and Pakistan have clearly sent a message to the political dispensations of the two countries suggesting talks. They, however, choose interestingly different lines to convey their feelings.
“There is hope that the situation in Kashmir will improve…it’s not gone wrong. There are some youths in Kashmir who have strayed and have been radicalised. They think they can achieve their goal through guns,” Army Chief Bipin Rawat told a top military commander’s conference. “But the time is not far when even they will be convinced that neither the forces nor the militants will be able to achieve their goal. We have to together find a way for peace and we will be successful in that.”
Rawat was speaking at the 70th foundation day of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry regiment in Delhi.
His statement coincided with the assertions for a dialogue by his Pakistani counterpart General Qamar Javed Bajwa. “It is our sincere belief that the route to peaceful resolution of Pak-India disputes — including the core issue of Kashmir — runs through comprehensive and meaningful dialogue,” Bajwa was quoted saying. “While such dialogue is no favour to any party, it remains the inevitable precursor to peace across the region. Pakistan remains committed to such a dialogue, but only on the basis of sovereign equality, dignity and honour.”
Bajwa was speaking at the passing-out parade of cadets at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul. He reaffirmed Pakistan’s “political and moral support” to the “basic right of self-determination” for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
As Islamabad and Delhi are having low diplomatic engagement with each other, the armies are literally attacking each other at the LoC on an almost daily basis. In the first three months of 2018, the LoC has witnessed massive civilian and military casualties as the two armies find reasons, almost daily, to attack each other’s positions.


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