NDA Government has not able to Generate Jobs but Eager to Reduce Seats in Educational Institutions, Fairoz Khan


Amjad Bhat

New Delhi 23 April: – On Monday National President NSUI Fairoz Khan issued a press statement. In statement he strongly opposed the decision AICTE (The All India Council for Technical Education). He said AICTE has decided to reduce about 1.3 lakh engineering seats from this year’s session, citing lack of adequate facilities for practical study in the institutions and growing unemployment. A notice was issued to more than 800 education institutions last year thus making them difficult to run academic programs and now the decision to reduce 1.3 lakh seats in B.Tech and M.Tech courses without taking into account its negative rollover effect.

Khan also attacked on Prime minister’s pre- election promises. He said, in the present day and age technology is a crucial factor for development. However, with the decrease in research and development facilities a country as vast as India cannot seek to maintain the growth trajectory.  The present Prime Minister promised to give lakhs of jobs every year but since the present NDA Government came to power, the unemployment level has increased every year.

He said Congress established several colleges and research institutions to meet the demands of an aspiring generation whereas BJP is finding new ways to close them. Instead of closing colleges and institutions AICTE along with government form such policies so that adequate jobs can be given to degree holders and also some subsidies should be given so that the students can be attracted towards these courses.

He also state that, NSUI strongly opposes the reduction of the seat and demands the government to ensure that the engineering educational institutions in the country should meet the shortage of resources. Fairoz Khan also warned the NDA Govt. if B.Tech /M.Tech seats are reduced then there will be countrywide protest, hunger strike and agitation.

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