On every tree, on every mobile tower, on every roof-top even on number of Chinar trees Pakistani flag swirls in Kashmir. I deeply inquired about it and the response that came from the people was that, “India hates Pakistan. So in order to tease India we swirl Pakistani flags.” Dear lovely Kashmiri people, is it the same with BJP flags also.
We know that the much-anticipated breakthrough for the BJP has not happened in the valley literally. Let’s see what happened 3 years back which has boosted the BJP’s vote share is really, a combination of two factors. First is its impressive showing in the Hindu-dominated seats of the Jammu region. In these 25 seats, it won 22 and garnered a vote share of 48.1%. The second include the fact that the region was the one with the highest turnouts in the state, was enough to make the party’s state-wide share reach a healthy tally. Meanwhile the narrative governing valley is entirely pole apart.
When the verdict comes to the PDP side, we see the same agony and pain since it came into the existence. But what is more pathetic and gruesome is that, they are not belly-full with their heap of stinking speeches and hypocritical statements issued against rivals only to capture a vote bank in the next election.
Isn’t this the fact that we Kashmiri’s have not been spared till date but unfortunately we keep playing the same card again and again? Why to play a victim card when we willingly make ourselves the prey. But unfortunately, there are number of reasons responsible for our role of playing self-victimization like; we people are irresponsible, manipulative, emotionally drainable, stuck in our own lives. These don’t end here, we are the same people who hold personal grudges, have trouble being assertive.
I was fascinated with the line that I recently read somewhere that, “a Kashmiri who doesn’t hold a stone in his hand keeps the stone in his heart”. In-fact not true with everyone but why with someone.
Have you heard the term “metamorphosis” if not let me tell you what it is actually, it came into light when the political scientist Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah for the firs i.e.; Kashmiris. This is evident from the fact that on the one side Abdullah failed to give out his clear verdict about t time found it complementarily relevant with the nativesan everlasting solution to the dispute. Being loyal or disloyal to Delhi he could not drive away his doubts about the intentions of Delhi therefore spoke different on different occasions. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, the main character who was responsible for performing the last rites of burying and butchering the stinking coffin of the autonomy when he gladly chose to be the chief minister.
Am I free to say that we have drainage running in our veins rather than blood? Why so?
The Kashmir problem is a mixture of terrorism, state violence, subversion and general horror that rests upon several layers of history. If the field existed we could use the skills of a political archaeologist to entirely unearth it. There are different components of the Kashmir problem, each with its own origins, and definitely each with its own consequences. Simple and the straight forward thing is that only people can decide but they are in deep slumber still.

d5da7d89-178f-4a4b-aecf-249d4ef28215Writer is student of Mass Communication and Journalism Kashmir University.
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