NAAC-affiliated institutions should become autonomous in 10 years

Kolkata, May 6: AICTE Chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe today said NAAC-affiliated institutions in the country should become autonomous in ten years, compared to over 50 per cent now.
“Any accredited institution reaching the threshold of certain academic standard should go for autonomy,” Sahasrabudhe told reporters here.
The number of NAAC-affiliated autonomous institutions in the country has to go from 50 per cent to “60-70 per cent even 100 per cent in a decade’s time.
The AICTE chairman was in the city to attend a discussion ‘Millennial Learning Educational Strategies for the Gen Next’ organised by Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCC) and Sister Nivedita University.
To a question about certain state-run universities not in favour of autonomy, he said “I am aware of this. It is all about mindset problem. Some amount of work will definitely increase if autonomy is given.
“You (institutions) will have to set your curriculum and set questions, but you in that place can have lot of freedom, lot of advantages. The problem at some government institutions is they apprehend if autonomy is given the government funding will lessen and it will be similar to a private college. But this is an uncalled for fear,” he said.
He said there is fear among some universities about autonomy which needs to be overcome and asked all industry bodies to provide interface for a connect between industry and institution.
Sahasrabudhe said AICTE is moving towards this interface. “We are also engaging teacher training programmes and there had been encouraging response in past 5-6 years.”
He said in the past few years a large number of start-ups have come to the picture and provided internships to 4-5 lakh students a year.
“Many students from rural areas could not get the required platform. We are giving them that platform,” he added.


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