Life in a Village

One of the famous poet Cowper puts it; “God made the village and manmade the town”. There is no doubt about that. Village is the panorama of charming scenes of nature. We know villages are larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town but these are more beautiful than both.

Everyone knows that villagers live happy lives. One can feel the first flash of sunlight, one can enjoy the cool breeze early in the morning, one can inhale the pure air and one can see how villagers enjoy the natural beauty.

I live in a village and I feel proud when I see the things I used to do in my childhood. Same are done by others. It feels totally nostalgic to see things happening around. I believe that life in a village is far better than those of cities. Indeed, luxuries and comforts of cities are better to some people but I deny that.

It feels nostalgic to see — the dew on grasses; listening sounds of birds and insects early in the morning and late night; long maize plants; green leaves of various trees; buffaloes and cows grazing in fields; people cutting grasses for their domestic animals; people wearing shalwar kameez with long turban; women carrying buckets to village banks; farmers moving to their fields around 5:00 a.m.; women milking buffaloes and cows; herds of goats grazing in fields; students moving to their schools barefooted holding their shoes in hands; some wearing shoes of rubber; people bathing in water-bodies and streams; relatives and neighbours in your kitchen early in the morning and old men and women engaged in gossips. Yes, it feels nostalgic to see all that. That makes it different from towns. These things make me fall in love with my village again and again. And yes, I love my village.

Villages are the midst of natural surroundings and that’s why poets were in love with natural beauty. There is no hustle and bustle in village. Life is smooth even with less money. People support their religion and culture. And that’s the beauty.

Talking about a villager what he feels about living in a village needs a lot of time. Still, I can elaborate some points as how I see my neighbours. Villagers are pure, simple, innocent and pure-hearted. Yes, everyone don’t have their personal vehicles. Yet, they feel happy travelling in buses. They don’t have water availability and electricity 24×7. Yet, they feel happy. Yes, they are lucky as they inhale air free from smoke and other pollutants. They are lucky as they can walk bare-footed on dew drops.

They rise early in the morning and are full of activity and the opposite happens in cities. One can see women tend to their cows and buffaloes and milking them early in the morning. Soon after that, they cook food. One can see women carrying lunch for their family members working in fields. They are not so rich. Yet, they feel happy and satisfied.

In villages, people are usually farmers. But you can find oilmen, shopkeepers, cobblers, barbers, fishermen and master ji also living in the same village. This is the beauty.

I feel proud when I look at people of my village. I think people like me feel happy when they remember their village. I wish for the existence of peace in villagers’ life.

That is why I feel that life in a village is much better and satisfied. Eventually, I end this with the quote of “Woman of the Millennium”, the Indian Politician and the female Prime Minister of India who served us from 1966 to 1977. She said, “Being Prime Minister isn’t the only job in life. As far as I’m concerned, I could live in a village and be satisfied.”

By: – Aehsan Ul Haq Danish

(P.G Student of Botany JU)


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