State education department in shambles, CEO kishtwar makes mockery of system

Amjad Bhat

Kishtwar June 1:- The government may pass hundreds of orders and advisories to curb the menace of corruption but the authorities who are used to bent the norms know well how to play with the system. Cheif Education officer kishtwar has allegedly gained mastery in this trade who consider themselves above the law.


This is known to every individual of the state from every nook and crany, how this office over the years has earned itself misnomers for its alleged regressive practices for running their transfer industry. This alleged trade has made scapegoat hundreds of teachers who are posted in far flung areas for decades togather and their colleagues are enjoying plump postings in towns and cities due to their political clout. Some teachers are posted at one place for more than two decades and others attached to diffrent offices to grease their palms. Pertinently this very office has been raided by crime branch and other executing agencies time and again for various malpractices to the extent that an ex CEO is still facing vigilance enquiry despite being an honest and upright person.


Director school education jammu complying orders of government swiftly detached all teachers attached with directorate and set a strong precedence but the subordinate district offices didn’t bother to pay any heed to it.CEO kishtwar as per order no CEO/K/2018 dated 12-5-2018 ordered all teachers attached with different offices but to utter dismay and non-compliance From the IMG-20180531-WA0004implementation end.When the voices of despair and nepotism started from different quarters and matter reached the office cheif minister grievances cell,CEO kishtwar again issued an order no CEO /K/2018/24202-272 dated 25-05-2018 directing all concerned to detach teachers to the original place of posting with the instructions not to release their salaries.


This again went to cold storage without implementation on ground. Requesting anonymity one of the DDO said that they are feeling hesitant to detach them since the employees attached on verbal and written have yet not been detached. He further said that they fear any backlash to implement the order when their cheif office have yet not implemented their own orders in their office.

There is strong resentment among the fraternity as to what constrains the CEO office that they are incapacitated to implement their own orders which compels themselves to issue repeated orders with no progress on ground.What lingers them is very well known to them, said the teachers.

Even the teachers who have been transferred have allegedly received their orders on whatsup with complying DDOs but the offices have yet not received the hard copy of such orders leaving the whole system in lurch.

A department which is expected to increase the standards of education is allegedly promoting favouritism and nepotism.There have been accusations of deep corruption in transfers,purchase and funds allocation.The extent of murkiness could be gauged from the fact that the office is flinging all govt orders to dust and transferring teachers in back dates with alleged signature forgeries.A femaleIMG-20180531-WA0003 teacher is recently transferred after nine long years facing a decadal stagnation which makes a news for a jammu based newspaper but other teachers who are enjoying their plump postings for more than 25 years are undoubtedly the protagonists of the department. Few teachers are hiding behind victimhood, few never saw the entrance of their schools and others never left their chair despite being transferred multiple times. There are yet those teachers who are posted in schools on papers but working in CEO office kishtwar for decades together.

The extent of lawlessness could be gauged even from the fact that few teachers are running their enterprise, private schools, tuition centres in the heart of town and its peripheries who have never been transferred since their appointment or otherwise. They dictate terms to their seniors and administrators under political clout and patronage. The crude joke with the system is bringing alienation and dejection among the teacher fraternity. Besides a teacher is usually posted in district jails for reformation and corrective measures of prisoners but in district kishtwar this position too has been exploited by influential teachers and a number of teachers and a master grade are allegedly posted against a single post including brother of former health minister just to enjoy perks and salary without any work.

Besides there are reports that ZEOs working in the district have allegedly got the schools development and uniform funds from respective schools and purchased different items without consultation of requirements from schools just to earn huge kickbacks and commissions on the purchase quoting anonymous circulars of government of India.

The aggrieved teachers have written to the cheif Minster and cheif secretary with a detailed list of teachers for their personal intervention in the matter but with a least hope owing to their bad experience. The same has been forwarded to cheif minister grievances cell for quick redressal. The teachers have decided to hit the streets if equitable justice is not maintained among the fraternity without resorting to pick and choose policy backed by their political masters.


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