Save Environment, Save Life!


Environment is a blessing. There is no denying that. It’s the surrounding in which we live. As Albert Einstein put it – the environment is everything that is not me. If truth be told, life depends on environment. Directly or indirectly, it plays an indispensable role in our proper growth and development. Imagine; a fish without water, a snake without venom and a ship without rudder. Likewise, it’s not possible to live without environment.

We know that there are breathtaking gifts of nature; the mighty rivers, the rocky mountains, the lush green forests, the flowing streams and much more. Undeniably, they give us comfort and satisfaction. But, regrettably, we are degrading them. We have become selfish and are only concerned about deriving benefits. We are not left with any kind of humanity which coax us not to cut them.

If our environment is safe, we are out of harm’s way. How fascinating its beauty will be – rain will be on time, seasons will be on time, ploughing will be on time, sowing will be on time, harvesting and marketing will be on time. Now, it’s our duty to protect it on time.

We celebrate World Environment Day every year and like every year we have a theme for this year. But, are we really worried about the same after the day? In most of the cases, we aren’t.
For instance, are we concerned about the fact, how much time does a plant take to complete its life cycle? No, we aren’t. Because after deriving benefits we cut them. Be mindful of the fact, they will not forgive us. O humans! Don’t be so selfish. Protect them.

Due to our activities, we are interfering with environment which is causing a number of problems later on. Every year we see that sea level is rising, seasons are changing, farmers are dying. Only the literate ones are responsible for this. Yes, you are responsible who are reading this.

We plan visits to other countries. Isn’t it? Is it not possible for us to clean our environment and make our country more beautiful? Dear readers, have a look at the systematic investigation. Cuba makes into the list of cleanest countries of the world, followed by Austria, France, Switzerland and so on. Surprisingly, when you google the top ten dirtiest countries, our proud India falls in the list. I’m apologetic. When it comes to dirtiest cities, more than five are from India. Our Capital is there, followed by Patna, Raipur etc. It’s hard for people to even inhale pure air in these cities. We’ve the cleanest villages also; Mawlynnong falls in the list. Let’s make whole country like Mawlynnong.

However, the story doesn’t end here. Perilous environment; More pollution. It will have devastating effects. And, here the story begins – Problems will be there; acid rain, global warming, pollution of all kinds, waste disposal, climate change, ozone layer depletion, green house gases emission, loss of biodiversity and many more. This will effect both the flora and fauna.

A number of diseases can result, particularly – Cardiovascular diseases, Skin diseases, Lung diseases, Cancer due to contamination with chemicals and many more. All of you might be aware of major disasters due to environmental problems in the world. Few of them are Dust bowl in America, Methane releases, Lead’s worst toxic nightmare etc. Google them and you’ll be ashamed of yourself. And you’ll feel that your activities are terrorising the health, the land where we reside, the birds around us, the animal varieties as well as the well-being of our species.

Is it not good to make an effort now?
Should we not make it so that our future generations will feel proud in telling stories to others regarding how our forefathers made this environment conscious and friendly for us to live. Indeed, we should. Many of the educated illiterate doesn’t consider what they do will effect the future generations. If the humans continue moving forward in such a way, there will be no future.

All of us can raise awareness and by doing that we can legitimately contribute to a more cognizant and friendly place for us to live. Let’s take a pledge to save it by any possible way we can do.

I’m regretful that if trees gave off money, we would be planning so many trees and could save the mother earth. But, it is too bad they only provide us the pure air.

To conclude this take, I would like to request the readers, please give your contribution in saving this holy planet. Govt. and non govt. organisations are taking part but nothing enthralling is happening. We’ve to take part. You’ve to take part. I’ve to take part. Keep in mind, one of the well-known American Anthropologist, Margaret Mead put it in a speech, we won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.

-Aehsan Ul Haq Danish (P.G Student of botany)

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