Setback for Congress in inderwal, prominent party workers resign from the party


Jammu 29 June: – In a big setback for the Congress party in Inderwal Constituency, many prominent workers have resigned from the party. Pyare lal sharma a prominent congress leader who joined congress in 2002 with MLA Inderwal G.M saroori. He is famous as backbone of Inderwal congress. Maximum numbers of congress party cadre inderwal resigned from party in the favour of pyare lal sharma. Among those Aftab zakir keen , Mushtaq Hap , Rashid Mughal, Sarfraz Khan , Iqbal Teli , Ahmer shehzad,Mansoor , Murtaza ali , tariq keen , Ashraf wani and other prominent workers are also present there

The number of angry Congress workers is increasing due to the autocratic Behavior MLA inderwal. While addressing the press conference Pyare lal sharma said that MLA G.M saroori reached at this level only due to the efforts of common workers . He said I am working with congress since 2002. Now public of inderwal is very angry with working behavior of MLA. He failed in all fronts of development. The condition of our every sector whether it   is education, Health, transport and other. All are in disastrous condition. He also alleged saroori for spreading  rumours like “ Pyare lal is projected candidate of G.M saroori” . It’s totally fake rumours. Till now I am not the candidate of any party. He said, ‘in reality I am a candidate of public’. This thing is not digestible for saroori that is only reason he is frustrated now and spreading fake rumors through his paid workers.

While announcing the resignation said he had taken this step due to neglect of workers by the MLA Inderwal G.M Saroori. For the projection of his son as next candidate he forgets the contribution of common workers.

Aftab Zakir keen NSUI leader also told State observer, “youth are feeling humiliated by being  only use for the labour  work for party” He said that, ” youth accounts maximum population in J&K and still we neglected for the sake of the career of kith and kins of congress politicians”.



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