Haq insaaf council announced executive body of poonch chapter

Poonch 24 July :- Haq Insaaf Council reconstitutes  its Poonch chapter with the aim of providing a platform to the discriminated youth across the State.

Social Activists and professionals across the state have joined Haq Insaaf Council to bring together prominent and liberal voices on Jammu and Kashmir .In a program held at Krishan Chander Park Poonch under the chairmanship of Zeshan Syed  (State President  HIC) launched HIC in Poonch with the aim to provide a platform for the deprived and downtrodden youth of this Border District . Zeshan Syed  while addressing the media said,”Inspired by the vision of Haq Insaaf Council which is only ray of hope for the youth of Jammu & Kashmir,large number of youth have joined the organization across the state. The aim of HIC is to reach out to the youth, the major sufferers and victims of every successive regime . He further said,we live in a trust deficit, suspicion and hatred,we are unfortunately divided in various sections of the society, which has mislead the youth from last three generations. Enough is Enough , youth from Jammu Kashmir are smart enough to plead their own case, and we will not let any one to use us for their petty interests. The members have intended to travel to State and work on building public opinion in favour of breaking the status quo.On the occassion

 Mohd Mashooq was nominated as  President where as Waseem Qureshi Vice President,Ikhlaq Mehmood Vice President,Sohail Irfan General Secretary,Himanshu Sharma Cultural Secretary,Zameer Ahmed Secretary,Shakeel Ahmed Secretary,Rameez Sheikh Secretary

Inzmam Ahmed Joint Secretary

Atif Lone Joint Secretary,Mohd Touqeer Publicity  Secretary,Basharat Kataria District Convenor, Javed Choudary Cashier, Kamran Ali District Coordinator.

Where as Qasim Tantray,Ramandeep singh,Sajjad Hussain,Mohd Rashid,Rizwan,Shabbir Khawaja

Sohail Ali,Aftab Banday,Faisal Khan,Bilal malik,Mohd Anees,Kaleem and Istikhar Chaudary as Executive Members.

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