Sonam Kapoor takes a break from Twitter, says it has become too negative


OCT 06:Sonam Kapoor is taking a break from Twitter saying the site as become too negative. Fed up with the negativity all around her, actor Sonam Kapoor has said she is quitting Twitter for a while. She says she will be taking a break from the microblogging website and wished peace and love to her fans before signing off.“I’m going off twitter for a while. It’s just too negative. Peace and love to all !,” she wrote in a tweet on Saturday. While Sonam did not give details about what specifically was causing her distress on Twitter, recurring trolls on her timeline could be a reason. On October 4, a man told Sonam through a tweet that she should travel by public transport when she complained of pollution in Mumbai. “It’s because of people like you,who don’t use public transport or less fuel consumption vehicles. You Know that your luxury car gives 3 or 4 km per litre mileage and 10 /20 AC’s in your house are equally responsible for global warming. First control your pollution,” the man had written. In her reply, Sonam wrote, “And it’s because of men like you that women find it difficult to use public transport for fear of being harassed.” She was then trolled even more for assuming the man to be a sexual harasser without any proof or provocation.Sonam is still active on Instagram and posted pictures from a friend’s birthday on Saturday. She will now be seen in The Zoya Factor.

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