IDA organises Dental Camp in Kathua School

Jammu, Nov 14 : To mark Children’s day, Dr.Gautam Sharma, President elect of  Indian Dental Association (IDA), today conducted a dental check-up camp for the students of Bachpan-Tiny Scholars School, Kathua .

During this camp more than 130 students of school were examined and free Colgate toothpastes and toothbrushes were distributed to them.

Dr.Gautam Sharma, while addressing the students, strongly advised them to bush twice daily so as to maintain good oro-dental health. He also demonstrated them the proper tooth-brushing techniques to be undertaken without hurting their gums and soft tissues.

He said that due to exposure of more sweets and foods containing carbohydrate during diwali festival, the incidence of caries and gum disease increases, so this is the ideal time to conduct dental check-up and awareness camp as these diseases can be screened and controlled at an initial stage.

Dr.Sharma informed that more than 80 percent primary school students suffer either from dental caries or periodontal disease due to excessive intake of candies, chocolates, chips, juices and soft drinks. He said that caries and gum disease have become a serious public health issue and if not controlled it is going to be a major disaster as the affected population will lose most of their teeth by age of 30 years. The only solution to overcome this problem is to stop feeding children with sweet and sticky foods and inculcating the habit of brushing at night before going to bed.

Teachers of the Bachpan school were given the information on procedure to be followed in the event if tooth comes out of socket (tooth avulsion) of any child due to fall or injury. Dr.Sharma told that the avulsed tooth shall be carried in the clean polythene bag having saliva or cold milk to a dentist at the earliest so that the tooth can be reimplanted in the socket.

Mrs.Manisha Gupta, Principal, Bachpan School Kathua, told that health check-up camps are regular feature of the school and will be continued in future . She also requested Dr.Sharma to conduct dental check-up camp in her school frequently so that the oral health condition of the students can be assessed and oral diseases can be controlled at an early stage.

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