Save Environment, Save Life!

Environment is a blessing. There is no denying that. It’s the surrounding in which we live. As Albert Einstein put it – the environment is everything that is not me. If truth be told, life depends on environment. Directly or indirectly, it plays an indispensable role in our proper growth and development. Imagine; a fish without water, a snake without ...

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Life in a Village

One of the famous poet Cowper puts it; “God made the village and manmade the town”. There is no doubt about that. Village is the panorama of charming scenes of nature. We know villages are larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town but these are more beautiful than both. Everyone knows that villagers live happy lives. One can ...

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On every tree, on every mobile tower, on every roof-top even on number of Chinar trees Pakistani flag swirls in Kashmir. I deeply inquired about it and the response that came from the people was that, “India hates Pakistan. So in order to tease India we swirl Pakistani flags.” Dear lovely Kashmiri people, is it the same with BJP flags ...

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